Yesterday, I was in California with a colleague. Since we were close to the beach, we stopped and stared at the water for a few minutes. As I watched the waves form and fall, I noticed a few surfers  trying to catch the forming and ride the falling.

As I watched, I thought about organizations, leadership and life. My colleague, more enlightened than I, simply enjoyed the moment. I had to make a metaphor out of it. So here it is:

Organizational situations, markets, team circumstances and (yes) life itself is like surfing. You have a part to play and the wave has its part. The wave forms and falls and you learn to read the moment, wait for the right timing, get up on the board and ride (execute well), and then let it all go as the wave ends. Then, you swim back out with your board and do it all again.

  • So, how’s your ability to read the forming?
  • How well do you time the moment its time to act (get up on the board)?
  • How’s your riding (execution) these days?
  • How well do you celebrate and enjoy outcomes even if they are not what you thought they would be?

What waves are forming and falling in your organization and life?

Surfs up