Microsoft announced the next generation of the Zune. Yawn.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Gates and Allard will likely touch on the
company’s long term commitment to the platform. While many analysts
have considered the Zune a flop so far — the company is only selling 1
Zune for every 25 or so iPods sold — Microsoft is determined to make
its mark in the industry.

My question is, why? I’m fully aware of the fact that Apple could, over time, lose market share on the iPod–with the right influences converging "against it." But come on. Is this really a good strategic move for Microsoft? How about making a couple more of your products remarkable? That might be a better place to put time, money and energy.

Ya know, I’m in pretty good shape. And I suppose if I worked really hard–endless hours of crunches, I suppose I could have some version of a six pack (OK, maybe a 2- pack). But, is that really how I want to spend my time?

Is the Zune really worth it?