I’m sitting, take a wild guess, at a Starbucks. For some reason I wasn’t able to connect to t-mobile this morning. It made me wonder if something was wrong with t-mobile. I walked up to the Barista’s at the counter (two ladies).

Dave: I think something might be wrong with the t-mobile connection. Are you able to reset the system?

Barista One: Oh, we don’t have anything to do with that. Sorry.

Barista Two: So, it’s not working

Dave: It doesn’t seem to be. It could be on my end.

Barista One: Well, you’ll have to call them. Sorry.

Barista Two: Would you like us to call them for you? We’d be glad to?

Dave: Oh, that’s OK, thanks, but I’ve called them before. I can do it.

Barista Two: Are you sure? I’m sorry you’re having trouble.

Dave: No problem.

Barista One: (Silence)

The difference in customer service, in this moment, could not have been more strikingly different. Barista one, no help at all. She wasn’t rude or mean or distant. Just, no help. Barista two, nothing but help and concern. As each Barista said their "lines" in this short one act play, the juxtaposition was stark.

What is customer service if it’s not, help?