I’m currently reading Wayne Dyer’s new book, Change Your Thoughts–Change Your Life. The first words of the book are a quote from George Bernard Shaw:

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.


As people, our minds–our thinking and feeling, play far more of a role in shaping who we are than we realize during the routines of our days. I’m seeing this again in my own life in new ways. So much of what keeps us in fear, or small living are the thoughts and feelings we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe. Today, ask yourself,

What fears or thoughts are limiting my ability to live fully and freely?

It may take a while to see the answer, but if we’re willing to be honest, these limiting ideas and emotions will surface–giving us a choice to release them and replace them with larger and more robust ways of being. The path isn’t always easy, but eventually leads us to a better place.

Perhaps this is the essence of self-leadership.