I’m an Apple fanatic.

I made the switch almost three years ago and never looked back. Apple product is elegant, user friendly and, just works. Needless to say, the iPhone, in my estimation, is perhaps the next incarnation of the Dali Lama. But, I’m sitting on the fence for a few months until I can justify $600.00. Don’t get me wrong, I’m GOING to get one. But, not yet.

Over the past few days, I’ve spoken to a lot of Apple fanatics (and non-Apple fanatics) who are very interested in getting an iPhone, but like me, for some reason haven’t yet.

The Mantra I’m hearing: I’m waiting to see

Now, of course, the I’m Waiting To See mantra is somewhat explained by Rogers Innovation Curve





Rogers innovation adoption curve


He postulated that a bell curve helps to describe the publics adoption of new ideas and products. The curve moves from left to right–from innovators (people dreaming about "what’s next") and early adopters, all the way over to laggards (people who wonder what was wrong with 8-tracks).

So, part of the "wait and see" mentality is to be expected. But, not all of it.

New ideas and products require the creator and seller to foresee as many of the "wait and see objections" as possible. I’m not sure Apple has done a great job at this. The phone’s advertisements certainly demonstrate what the phone can do, and that it is truly the next generation of phones. However, what Apple hasn’t addressed is why those of us in wait and see mode should get off our butts immediately.

Apple hasn’t made the lure attractive enough. The product, amazing as it is, isn’t enough of a lure for an entire segment of early adopters who are sitting on the fence.


More soon…