You may want to read Part One of this entry before you read Part Two.

So why? Why are so many people still “waiting to see” before purchasing the iPhone. Of course the Rogers innovation curve is part of the answer to the question; but it’s not the only reason.

Apple did a few things that created barriers for early adopters.

1) The cost: Not all early adopters can shell out $600.00 for a phone.

2) The phone service plan: Here’s the number of people I’ve talked to who are excited that AT&T has exclusive rights on the service: ZERO. AT&T has some image problems (and that’s coming from a user). The new AT&T–formally Cingular–the same Cingular that touted the fewest dropped calls (O RIGHT), is now the ONLY company servicing the iPhone.

Why Apple? Why? Why create your own barrier to market entry by locking in with AT&T?

3) Application functions: Benjamin Higgenbotham gives 10 application related reasons here.

4) iPod: Is it possible that Apple’s success with the iPod could actually be a barrier to the iPhone’s success? Don’t get me wrong, I want the iPhone to dominate the world and bring peace to all nations. I’m not down on the phone. But, Apple’s success with the iPod could have created the mindset (at the company) that all barriers will be broken because people will automatically transfer their iPod love and loyalty to the iPhone.

hmmm…I don’t think so….

My prediction is that Apple will work to remove some of these barriers in future iPhone models.

We shall see.