Rupert Murdoch has quite the Monopoly board these days–with the inclusion of the Wall Street Journal. I wouldn’t presume to tell him how to run his business, but…OK I will.

I heard a news report that Murdoch will start a Fox business channel in the months ahead, and strategically will begin to bring the Journal’s staff into the picture as he can (the Journal and CNBC have contractual agreements at this point, but Murdoch will surely want Journal staff affording their wisdom on the Fox channel as soon as possible).

So, here’s my advice:

Make sure you keep your Monopoly pieces distinct Mr. Murdoch. The last thing you want to do is create a "merger like" feel to this entire scenario. What makes Murdoch’s empire interesting is that it’s unique. Fox News and the Wall Street Journal aren’t exactly cut from the same mold. Perfect! Keep it that way. The problem will come if, over time, a blending of the businesses makes each one lose its distinctiveness.

It will take a lot of leadership to keep the everyone distinct AND playing nice together on the same TV show.