An article in the Wall street journal relayed that IBM is moving into the open source world by creating a suite of products to rival Microsoft’s Office. The smart move is that IBM has decided to partner with Though these new web-centric products have not yet "caught on" (in comparison to Microsoft’s office), it’s clearly just a matter of time before more and more of our software applications become web applications. Google’s in the game, now IBM. Microsoft, where are you? Apple, where are you?
Oh, I know Microsoft and Apple are "in" but they sure don’t act like it.

The bad news for IBM is that I went on their website to see some really cool presentation of "Symphony" (the new product) and I couldn’t find anything. Why isn’t this plastered on the front page? This is where Apple just crushes its competition. It actually talks "out loud" about its cool stuff. And, people actually listen.

IBM you’re onto something with Symphony, why not talk about it, a lot!