We’ve known for a long time that continuous improvement matters in
organizations. But, the graph below drives the point home in a big way.

The iPod, and the amazingly cool iPhone, appealed to Wall Street because
the products kept (keep) getting better. This reminds us of an important

Products (and services) that make a difference are the ones that become
better over time. No matter what your business is, this concept means
you need to keep working, refining, innovating, the good stuff you are
already doing (or have), so that over time more and more
people take notice.

The point: If you’re looking to increase your exposure, do it by making
what’s already great, even better.

Don’t settle!


iPod was unveiled in 2001, but it took time for sales to reach
a level
that impressed Wall Street. Here’s a look at major iPod releases,
with starting prices.