Conversation matters

I'm in Oklahoma today addressing a couple of different groups about leadership issues. One of my talks is on conversational leadership. Every time I speak on the connection between dialogue/conversation and leadership I get geeked up. There aren't too many issues more important to leadership than conversation. I like to say, the best leaders are world class conversationalists. Here are a few things you can do to get conversation and real dialogue going in your workplace:

Get Curious
Ask Questions
Be Pliable
Be Thoughtful
Put Your Heart Into It

It's a "no-brainer" that participative and collaborative leadership is important. But, what energizes that type of leadership. One dynamic is rich dialogue. Try to make it your aim today.

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Growing pains means shifting pains

I'm not an economist. I wouldn't pretend to understand the micro and macro economic issues currently facing the US and the world. One thing is clear, however, we are in a global and painful shift of enormous magnitude. It's as if the world is morphing--somewhat due to mistakes made and somewhat due change and transition. I had a two hour drive this morning to get to an airport. On the way, I heard a story about two high level Tribune publishers who are leaving their jobs. The Tribune papers are losing money and subscriptions. Papers, in general, are in trouble. Will papers survive? Only those that can adjust and adapt to the growing pains that come with change.

To handle growing pains, we must appreciate that shifts can be painful, but are ultimately helpful. The deterioration of one system is the beginning of another.

One thing is sure: The change is going to happen. The real issue is, how will we respond.

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The Gatorade ball girl

So maybe you've seen the youtube video roaming around on the internet where the ball girl catches a fly ball. The amazing (ly fake) thing about it is how he she jumps to catch it. Take a look.

Of course, it's not real. It was a spoof. Actually, it was a commercial that never made it on to TV. But, it's picked up huge amounts of traction on youtube. Yep, youtube. One could argue that the placement of the clip on youtube will do more for Gatorade than that spiffy National ad campaign would have.

Hmm...what does that tell you about youtube? 

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Flexible but focused will

I'm currently musing on achieving the important. In the last post, we considered the role of imagination in the pursuit and accomplishment of dreams. The question now is, As I pursue what is important, I will always be distracted because that's just life. So, how do I determine when the distraction is important enough to postpone the important daily work I do on that which is significant?

Bernard Shaw's quote, in the preceding post, gives us a clue. Shaw speaks of imagination leading to "will" and will then leading to action. One of the critical components of dream accomplishment is the ability to focus the will like a laser. The more focused my will, the more I can determine what to do with a distraction.

If I'm intent on accomplishing my critical daily actions and a distraction pops up that truly needs my attention (one that if I let it slide will cost me dearly), I am able to deal with the distraction fast and get back to the needed actions. The will to achieve what matters most, gives me the ability to adapt and deal with the distraction and get back to that which moves my purpose along.

If the distraction is not important and should be ignored (in any given moment), my will gives me the strength to avoid the temptation to "diddle around" in the distraction and waste time.

So: The more focused my will, the more time I have to donate to what moves me along and, when necessary, what would keep me from moving along.

more to come...

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