As we continue to look at proactive leadership, let’s think about the importance of articulating what you see. Vision is the ability to see what’s happening in the present (total) moment and see how energy could enhance, alter or change that moment for the better. The ability "to see" is essential to proactive leadership. It, however, is not enough.

As vision emerges, it’s important that leaders put verbiage to the possibilities and opportunities they see. This is both important and dangerous. Words can inspire and give initial energy to vision. However, they can also limit and "fence in" a vision in a way that domesticates the possibility. The trick for a leader is to speak in a way that ignites energy for the opportunity while conveying the vision is not static and requires all people involved to lend their own vision and passion.

In other words, words matter in the pursuit of vision.

When crafting your visionary words, make them:

Possibility oriented

Words put color to the canvas. In that way, the leader is an artist. Use your best energies to articulate what you see and then encourage others to join you in that articulation process. Talk together, really talk together about the emerging possibilities and you will draw both passion and action out of those around you.

Of course, meaningful conversation is not enough.

Stay tuned…