Sara Palin is making the TV rounds. Bad move.

Palin is making both a leadership and strategic mistake right now. I’m sure she’s thinking that she needs to be in the spotlight to keep her presence “top of mind.” She needs to define herself on her own and let the American people see who she is without John McCain. I can only imagine this is why she’s doing so many interviews. Here’s the problem:

1) She is coming across like a sore loser

2) She is defending herself to much rather than letting others defend her

3) She really doesn’t understand that she’s really not ready to be a national leader

4) She’s not ready to stand on her own on the national stage, although I’m sure she thinks she is ready

What does she need to do?

She needs to hibernate (good thing she’s in Alaska)

She needs to study

She needs to broaden her knowledge

She needs to sharpen her ability to articulate ideas


This post really isn’t so much about Palin (well a little bit). But, it’s about leaders who misread their current strengths and their current “standing.” Based on the misread, leaders make strategic mistakes about what they should do next and how they should present themselves inside and outside their organzitaions.

Here’s the deal:

Be careful who you listen to –especially when it’s overly positive AND especially when that person you’re listening to is yourself.

Ground yourself with an understanding of your strengths and your weaknesses.

Listen to the critics (but don’t let them rule your decisions or your life)

Due your diligence and work hard to be ready when you lead and when you speak