This week we’re considering the way to achieve resolutions. So often, we make resolutions out of strong desire for change, but don’t do the necessary anchoring to make those dreams reality. Yesterday, we started thinking about the role of goals.

Goals turn dreams and resolutions into smaller steps, each one creating a path toward that success. When we create meaningful goals we do a couple of important things. First, goals help us break the dream down into small, bite-sized actions that are attainable. Creating goals is nothing new and there are hundreds of techniques out there to help with the creation of specific and attainable goals. The second reason (not talked about as much), is arguably the most important reason why goals assist us in the achievement of dreams.

                  Simply, goals create sustainable energy.


Here’s the deal. The initial desire to achieve a dream or resolution creates a burst of energy. We see a gap between the real and the ideal and we want to close it. We catch a glimpse of what it would look like to live in that better place. And, we believe that change is possible. Woosh…initial energy floods in and gives us a push. But, that woosh of original energy dies fast. That’s why resolutions are so easy to break. The energy from the initial desire is not strong enough to sustain us through the process of change. This is where goals help to sustain energy.

Smaller goals are like booster rockets. As we accomplish each smaller goal, the booster rocket fires and keeps us moving toward the larger dream. As we see results, we gain more fuel to continue.

Of course, at some point, even the smaller booster rockets (goals) become dull and boring. We want to quit because we do not see enough change occurring fast enough to keep us engaged in the process. This is another reason why resolutions fail. We lost interest even after making some initial progress. Sustainable energy is not enough. Renewable energy is also needed.

Stay tuned.