A couple of weeks ago I did a tele-seminar on organizational change. You can listen to it here.

One of the ideas in the tele-seminar is healthy discontent. Simply, leaders, at any level, are not satisfied with yesterday’s success. Now, I want to make two side statements about this issue.

    1) Healthy discontent is NOT a leader vomiting his dis-satisfaction all over the team. Leaders tend to be discontented, but normally in a negative manner. Healthy discontent is about a positive unrest that allows the leader/team to see a possible better future.

    2) Healthy discontent does NOT mean we should to quickly discard yesterday’s success. Celebration is critical to the health of a team. When a leader moves to fast to the "next thing" without celebrating "what is" he or she deflates the team. Yesterday’s success is fuel for tomorrow’s opportunities.

    As a leader, it’s important that you share your healthy discontent with your team and create the same dynamic in them. Organizations that rest on yesterday’s success often don’t have a tomorrow. Can you say K-Mart.

How might you create healthy unrest on your team?