More deliberation on the part of Yahoo! about it’s current situation causes me sadness. You can read about it here.

Of course, I don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. But, it seems to me that one of the innovators of the 1990’s should really be thinking about an innovative future for itself rather than how to get the most money in a sale.

Maybe Yahoo! is beyond saving itself. If so, then the question becomes, what happened? Or, is it possible, that Yahoo! is looking for the easy solution–let Microsoft deal with the problems. For all the talk about Yahoo’s! culture, with Chief Solution Officers and other cool sounding titles, where the heck is all of that right now?  Are they truly beyond an innovative way to reorganize, or are they just giving up? The thought of Yahoo! becoming part of Microsoft makes my stomach turn. Perhaps, Microsoft should just get better at being itself, before they acquire Yahoo! I mean, let’s face it (and yes I’m an Apple fanatic, I will disclose that here), Microsoft product is awkward, sluggish and riddled with problems when it hits the market.

The reason Microsoft has so much market share is because PC’s won the battle when Gates and Jobs couldn’t play nice in the sandbox. But, they are not innovative–please. Now, because they have the money to do so, they are after Yahoo! who actually was innovative at one point.

What happened to all the things Yahoo! executives preached about innovation and creative culture?

Come on Yahoo! don’t become part of the Matrix. Or, maybe you always were…