This is a great story (here) about a blind golfer who sunk a hole in one. O ya, he’s 92 as well.

This is such a great reminder of the fact that so many of our limitations are really nothing more than mental constructs. I understand that certain limitations are real. If I jump off a 10 story building, I shouldn’t expect to fly like the Matrix’s Neo. But, how many of us would have probably answered with a resounding "no" if asked whether a 92 year old blind golfer could hit a hole in one?

You might say, "It was just luck Dave."

Well, OK, I will grant that to some degree it was. But, as we all know, "chance favors the prepared." This man had been golfing for many years–and had a seven handicap. Not bad.

Of course, being 43 and 5′ 9", I probably won’t be slam dunking a basketball anytime soon. However, where might my mental constructs be holding me back in ways that are simply unnecessary.

As George Eliot, a 19th century author who wrote amazing novels under a man’s name wrote,

It’s never too late to become what you could have been.

So, what limitation have you constructed that is holding you back? Maybe it’s time to press through it.