I always disclose, when I talk about Apple, that I’m a fanatic. Even as a fanatic, sometimes I wonder about their product strategy. I don’t want it to fail, but…

Apple just introduced newer versions of the iPhone and iTouch iPod.

The main difference is an increase in memory. In short, there’s quite a bit more in the new models. My question is this: Was the ability to have more memory really not available when production was in full swing for the first iteration of these products?

Now, maybe the answer is truly, "no." I really don’t know. But, there is an inherent danger here for Apple. The rate at which the new version of cool-product-87 (Apple has so many of them) is put to market, could create a wait and see attitude when cool-product-88 comes out. Is Apple in danger of creating delay in the minds of early adopters by planning obsolescence in such short windows?

Or, are we all so enamored with the new and the next, that Apple has nothing to worry about?