You may want to read part one or part two of this set of musings before reading this one.

To be a curious learner requires that we have a healthy discontent for the surface of things. Below the surface, there are creative opportunities that await those who will search with persistence. The trouble is, that search requires that we re-frame chaos and ambiguity. Chaos is a natural part of the creative process. It is the time of "not knowing" or "not seeing." It creates uncertainty and insecurity. It’s counter-intuitive to embrace these moments. Yet, if we do, they yield their secrets and what emerges are those possibilities we long to see and create.

It’s easier to see this concept in hindsight. Think about a time of great growth and possibility in your past and I bet you will also see laced right into that season was a fair amount of chaos and ambiguity. In fact, it’s quite possible that it was out of that uncertainty that your growth and development occurred.

The real power in all of this comes when we don’t have to look back on these times, but can actually marshal the power of chaos DURING as we find ourselves in it. That’s where creativity lies.