We all know Barack Obama inspires people with his words. This is both a great gift and a potential weakness. Charismatic leaders possess important skills helpful in creating initial passion for a vision. However, they must also realize that delivering on those words is all the more important, because of the passion they created in the early going. Anyway, I digress.

I saw a couple of sound bites from Obama’s speech on Tuesday night. The best line of the night–for that matter the best line I’ve heard from him thus far came in that speech.

         We are the people we’ve been waiting for.

What a great line. It echo’s Gandhi’s, "become the change you desire to see in the world," quote.

What’s so powerful about this quote is its ability to both inspire and challenge. It is not only a call to action, but to meaningful responsibility.

Imagine if the people on your team, or in your organization believed Obama’s words. Imagine if they acted and worked "as if" they were the answer to the problems facing them (and your organization). This is not an egotistical independence, but rather a humble but firm belief in one’s destiny.

Life’s way to short to simply "go to work." When one’s destiny is connected to one’s work, energy and inspiration are abundant.