I’m currently reading, Persuasion, by Tom Gorman. Its got some good ideas in it with regards to selling and using the art of persuasion with potential customers. Many of the ideas are transferable to a number of areas in life. Here’s a quote that can help in so many areas of life:

    Reflect Rather than Correct

With the reflective technique you recognize a person’s feelings without judging them, and that builds trust. It lets them know know that it’s safe to express their feelings to you. That sense of trust and safety lets them know they can talk openly with you, which in turn enables you to learn about their real emotional barriers to being persuaded  (p. 105).


It’s easy to miss important information simply because we fail to listen. When we listen our words, no matter the type of relationship, are more potent, because they come from greater understanding. Today, try and listen more than you speak and see what happens.