I grew up being disappointed by the Phoenix Suns.

Of course, the Suns are a really good team these days, although the disappointment continues since they’ve not yet won a championship. With the arrival of Shaq, one would think this might be the year for the Suns to go all the way. Yet, the team has struggled to integrate Shaq. Here’s one sports writer’s view of Shaq and the team.

The fact is that teams have a chemistry that shouldn’t necessarily be messed with. Shaq, great as he has been, is to old to keep up with the fast paced Suns.

Here’s the point: Before you bring a new teammate onto your team (or into your organization) make sure you consider the implications of doing so. How will the new teammate change the chemistry or make up of the team? Just because he or she is a star, doesn’t mean it’s the right move. And, if it is the right move, make sure you work hard to integrate the team with the new member. It won’t just happen accidentally.