We’ve all heard about Obama’s "bitter" comments over the past few days. The trouble with the comments is not the comments, but rather the general nature of them (the comments). I would have to be the first one to admit, that when I’ve hit hard times in my life, I’ve clung to things in an unhealthy manner. Is it possible to cling, in a dysfunctional way, to guns or God. Um, ya. It sure is. The problem is that Obama’s words were aimed at a particular group that made him appear elitist. I don’t know if he is or not. But, that was the perception–whether he meant it or not.

The truth is, life–at times–does make cowards of us all. Sometimes in an attempt to restore the illusion of control, we cling to things that make us feel better temporarily.  I don’t think anyone can deny that reality. Actually, from that view point, Obama’s words are correct. It’s just that his generalization got him in trouble. To suggest all people from a certain group or state or town are clinging in an unhealthy manner is silly. But, to suggest that we all do it, is true.