I’m the leadership coach for the Greater Tucson Leadership. Yesterday, the current class, spent the day at the University of Arizona talking about educational issues facing our community and our nation. At one point, our hosts (at the U of A) took us into a high tech learning center to demonstrate some of the technologies used at the school.

At one point in the tour, we were ushered into a small room, given 3-D glasses and shown the latest 3-D visual imaging technology. We saw a three dimensional heart "floating" in front of us. We traveled inside the ventricles and flipped the heart around in any desired direction.

It was amazing.

As I pondered this later, it struck me that this kind of work takes time, space and patience–something we, as people, don’t have in great quantities these days. I understand that business moves fast–much faster than life long research at a university. Yet, there is something wonderful that can happen when individual skill, collaboration and ingenuity meet perseverance and patience.

Today’s patience and persistence is tomorrow’s amazing creation.