This past week, I stayed at a an amazing resort in Park City, Utah. Each unit could have easily been a comfortable place to live. There was a full kitchen, a great bed (you know how important that one is if you travel a lot) and top shelf appliances and amenities. Did I mention the view from my window?

On the resort website, under amenities, there were only a few items listed. One of the amenities listed was "hair dryer." Hair dryer? Are you kidding me? That made it on the short list of "reasons to choose this resort?" For Pete’s sake Motel 6 has a hair dryer in each room. Talk about an underselling of a product. That was it.

Part of differentiating yourself in the market is exposing what is remarkable about you to the world. It’s not about exaggerating "what is," but developing a remarkable product or service; then, let your light shine.

By the way, the hair dryer didn’t work.