I’m stuck on the idea of anchoring right now, so here’s a bit more.

The premise here is that the best visions and services/products are those that are anchored in the needs of the customers. If nobody wants your vision, it may be, as Ram Charan, puts it–a hallucination. Now, there is an exception to this rule in my mind. But, that will be for a different post.

Anchoring in the needs of people requires certain skills leaders need to develop:

    1) Attentiveness: Sometimes customers say things without saying a word. Observing them is critical.

    2) Listening: Over zealous leaders talk to much. The needs of customers get lost in the blathering of the leader.

    3) Questioning: Authentic questions to your team, organization or customer gives you something to listen to. Great leaders listen at least as much as they talk. Why? Because the listening and the asking anchors their words in meaning.

    4) Articulating: Have you ever had someone put into words exactly what you are feeling? It becomes one of those, "Yes, you get it moments." Leaders, who through numbers 1-3, articulate a vision anchored in the hearts and minds of people gain the energy of those people.

more to come…