Are you a task master or adventure guide?

One of the movements we have to
make, in order to become an adventure guide, is a shift from the
notion of "leader as inspector" (of work) to "leader as inspirer" (of
the worker).

It’s not that inspecting work is all bad. We all need to be
accountable for our work, and grow in our ability to do it better. Some
inspecting is, therefore, understandable. But, some leaders use
inspection as the dominant relational exchange they have with their
employees. That won’t do.

When people are inspired, it creates an energy (in those employees)
to do better work. If inspection (and flaw picking) is the only thing people get,
it deflates them. Inspiration is like the rays of the sun; it provides
energy that allows life to thrive.

How do you inspire people who work for you, OR, what have
inspiring leaders done for you that created energy and passion for your