We all know the value of customer service. But, as a customer, have you ever thought about employee service? Yep, employee service. Here’s what I mean.

Earlier today I was on the phone with a receptionist trying to make a location change for a scheduled appointment. I had to dial back to her three times. During the third conversation, I could hear in the background that her other phone lines were ringing off the hook. I sensed a tinge of frustration in her voice. So, in order to receive better customer service, I turned up the volume on my employee service.

Dave: Sally, thank you so much for your help

Sally: Sure, no problem (her voice tone becoming more positive)

Sally: Can I get your phone number

Dave: Sure (giving the number). Again, Sally I really appreciate your help

Sally: Hey no biggie at all (her tone now completely positive). You have a good afternoon.

Dave: You too Sally.

Of course, employee service is nothing more than being polite and engaging. But, there are two good reasons to practice employee service.

1) The person helping you is a human being

2) You’ll get better customer service (Imagine that, I can play a role in better customer service for myself. It doesn’t have to all be up to the service rep. Hmmmm….).