Leaders, either
through temperament or busy-ness, do not always see the value of
reflection. Yet, without reflection, a leader is at the mercy of his or
her reactivity and will find it hard to grow. If reflection is new to
you as a leader, here is are a couple of practices you might find

    1) Reflection through Replay:

       Use your memory and imagination to replay a recent situation
where you found your leading lacking. As you replay the situation, pay
attention to how you responded in the situation. Try and remember your
body posture and the words you used–the messages you conveyed. Reflect
on your attitudes and actions and consider what you could do to change
your interaction the next time you find yourself in a similar
situation. IN FACT, this is a quite powerful concept. Let’s call it Reflecting Forward.

    Take a situation or meeting that is yet to happen and imagine
yourself in that meeting responding with the positive leadership
qualities you desire to give to those in the meeting. Imagine
responding with wisdom and compassion. Imagine yourself honoring those
in the meeting and giving them space to share their ideas. Impinge a
better meeting or situation and it is more likely to occur.