I ran across a Gallup pole that really struck me. Here it is:

The Gallup pole results
GMJ surveyed U.S. employees to discover what effect employee engagement may have on team-level innovation and customer service delivery. Gallup researchers studied employee responses to several items about innovation in the workplace to see which factors differed most strongly among engaged employees (29% of respondents) and those who were not engaged (56%) or actively disengaged (15%).


The middle, and largest, number is the one I want you think about for a moment. Forget about innovation for just a minute and consider the power of 56% of employees who may not be fully engaged in your organization. The number may be higher or lower, but the concept is powerful. There is a group of people in your organization–good people who are talented and yes…complacent. They need to be inspired and challenged to rise to a new level of excellence. They are longing to be led with authenticity and given a picture of a preferable future. They are longing to be invited into something big that really matters.

Imagine their collective potential.