We dull our lives by the way we conceive them.

This quote, from James Hillman’s book, The Soul’s Code, holds a
tremendous insight for us. The way I view my life will determine how I
live and move in the world. If I conceive my life as a series of tasks
to be accomplished with death as the final task, that view may not
generate much passion and energy for life. However, if I view my life
as a mythical character who is living out a grand and important mission,
it could change the very texture of my meaning and reality.

To conceive your greatness will change how you live and what you
express in the world. When I use the word greatness, I’m not talking about ego inflation or pride. I’m talking about the
life in you that is waiting to be expressed. When we view our lives as
robotic or one-dimensional, the spark cannot catch flame.

Live today with a view that your life is significant and your day will arrange itself in ways that allow your significance to be expressed.