The last couple of posts have been about developing smart emotions. Here’s something to do that will help you get started at both examining and developing smart emotions.

Ask, for feedback but make sure you really want it.

For the next couple of weeks, try and enter the vantage point of the team members you lead. After an encounter with a team member, ask yourself what your leadership breath might have smelled like to him or her. Or, if your culture is already free enough, ASK HIM OR HER. Go back to your team or certain individuals and ask them what the experience is like when you breathe on them. Are they generally inspired or deflated?

Now, you don’t have to take their answer as gospel. Sometimes team members receive good breath in negative ways. Of course, you must sometimes filter these kinds of comments. However, you should never dismiss them outright. Listen. Learn how your breath, your soul, is coming across to your organization. Then learn the language of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in order to keep your breath fresh and your organizational leadership vital.

The biggest danger in asking for feedback is that it can cause strain on the team. Leaders are notoriously fragile when it comes to feedback. Team members are notoriously one dimensional in their feedback (meaning they tend to blame the leader for most problems). If feedback is simply going to cause more issues, then get a facilitator to help, or work on building security in yourself, and trust on the team.