I was sitting in one of my favorite Starbucks yesterday when one of the Barista’s asked me what I do. When I described my work, she introduced me to another Barista who is finishing up her degree in Communications at the University of Arizona. We talked for a couple of minutes. As we did, I remembered a friend of mine who works in a major corporation in the very area this Barista is interested in pursuing.

I asked the Barista for her email address, and emailed my friend, introducing the Barista and wondering if their might be intership possibilites for her in the company. There may or may not be. Who knows…

The point is, however, that a connection was made. And that, is so important. If there’s one thing we can do to help others, it’s open up our connections to them (when appropraite). I’m not talking here about creating unrealistic expectations, but simply making an introduction full of potential. What comes of it is not the issue. Although, the better we are at making the connections, the more likely something will come of it.

We live in a world of possibility. Often those possibilities are contained inside two people we know. Our role in "potenlializing" that possibility may be to make the introduction and step aside. Don’t worry; when you do this, it’s amazing how the opportunities come back your way without much effort. When you give, the universe has a way of giving back.