Lead Your Leader (The in’s and out’s)

I've coached a lot of CEO's and Executive Director types over the years. However, I've also coached many people in "second" positions. "Number One's," as Jean Luc Picard of the Star Trek Enterprise called them, are people who are senior leaders in the organization with significant responsibility for day to day operations (and often staff), [...]

Lead Your Leader (The in’s and out’s)2009-01-30T14:01:37-05:00

Drum Major Suspened: You have got

OK, the people who "suspended" this guy for his "infraction" at the Inaugural parade have way to much time on their hands. You've got to be kidding.  See what you think.

Drum Major Suspened: You have got2009-01-29T00:14:27-05:00

Think at Your Best and Work (Consistently) Hard

So, I was listening to CNN on my drive this morning when a guest came on to talk about his book: Rich Like Them. Here's a short description of the book... While academics frequently conduct research to try to unlock the secrets of garnering great wealth, Esquire editor D'Agostino took a more direct—and more entertaining—route: [...]

Think at Your Best and Work (Consistently) Hard2009-01-28T14:37:15-05:00

Good Stuff: Dr. Robert Cialdini

Check out Robert Cialdini. This guy is good. I heard a podcast from Stanford (you can get it on Itunes University) entitled, Executive Briefing: The Power of Persuasion, by Cialdini. I then checked out his website (the earlier link will take you there) and found a good introductory video to his work. I love academicians [...]

Good Stuff: Dr. Robert Cialdini2009-01-26T19:47:15-05:00

Obama’s “irritation” with Politico journalist was good leadership for Obama and a misread for Martin

OK, so at about 3:20 seconds into the video (below) you see and exchange between a Politico journalist (Johnathan Martin) and Obama. Obama is being accused of being "irriated" with a substantive question. Martin asks Obama  a policy question as Obama is doing an informal tour of the White House Press area. I don't see [...]

Obama’s “irritation” with Politico journalist was good leadership for Obama and a misread for Martin2009-01-23T23:36:49-05:00

Thain resigns and the lessons we learn

CEO John Thain resigned from Bank of America yesterday. His departure comes amid allegations about the bank and his personal spending habits--which seem to have been out of control. What can we learn from Thain's plight? I'll be posting, over the next few days, some of the key lessons (principles) we all need to remember [...]

Thain resigns and the lessons we learn2009-01-23T13:58:40-05:00

Roberts, Obama, and the swearing in (it’s OK to use Notes)

Ah, the drama of the oath--unnecessary it seems to me. But, there is one small lesson to learn here (for all of us). Justice Roberts, it's OK to use notes. It appears the gaffe may be the result of Roberts not using notes. Roberts, I'm sure is a brilliant guy--no doubt. But, there are certain [...]

Roberts, Obama, and the swearing in (it’s OK to use Notes)2009-01-22T18:40:17-05:00

The CNN “moment” picture

I vlogged a couple days ago about CNN getting it by using technology to create community--specifically through the picture created at the inauguration. Check out the picture here. Very cool!

The CNN “moment” picture2009-01-21T16:30:18-05:00


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