More on not participating in the recession

Let's agree. We will not participate in the recession. Does this mean we will not be affected by it? No, not necessarily. But, we will not allow it to alter our possibility centered thinking. I'm going to write about this in my upcoming newsletter. If you're interested in getting my e-newsletter you can sign up [...]

More on not participating in the recession2009-02-15T14:12:56-05:00

Obama, Homeless Women, Fort Myers, Florida

So, you've probably seen this story. A homeless woman in Fort Myers, Florida pleads with the President for immediate help and she finds it. A place to live and so much more help comes her way. I feel mixed about this. First, I saw the moment live on CNN. It was what I call a [...]

Obama, Homeless Women, Fort Myers, Florida2009-02-14T19:36:32-05:00

Learning all the time, all the way

I went to the gym earlier today. As I walked in, there was a man, maybe 75, sitting in a chair cooling down. He was deep in reading/study. He stayed there for my entire 40 minute workout--engrossed in his reading, in his learning. I hope I'm that pliable, that open to new ideas when I'm [...]

Learning all the time, all the way2009-02-14T19:32:44-05:00

Johnny the Bagger Video

A friend of mine sent me a link to this video entitled, Johnny the Bagger. It's a touching story about a young man with Down Syndrome who made a difference (through small actions) at his job (a local shopping center). The veracity of the video is in question. Some are wondering if the consultant who [...]

Johnny the Bagger Video2009-02-13T13:50:26-05:00

Focus on People (part one)

I'm speaking to a group of leaders today in Sedona, AZ. I was reflecting on my notes for the day, and thought I'd share one of the more important things (with you) that I will share with them. So here we go... Here's a general principle that will frame this idea: The way we view [...]

Focus on People (part one)2009-02-12T14:00:41-05:00

The Necessary Ambiuguity of Life

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, “Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” This is an amazing quote because it reveals important qualities about both life and those who live it well. When the road darkens, it's harder to see. Our eyes play tricks on us as light turns into shadow and shadow into dark. [...]

The Necessary Ambiuguity of Life2009-02-08T13:44:45-05:00

Possibility Friday: A Great Beginning

I wrote a while back (here) on an idea I called possibility Friday. Last night about 30 or so of us gathered at my house for the first PF. We had a great time. No major agenda; just people getting to know each other, sharing good food and drink, and the possibilities for the future. [...]

Possibility Friday: A Great Beginning2009-02-07T14:23:01-05:00

The Three Laws of Performance

This looks good. I'm pretty sure one of the authors wrote Tribal Leadership. There's an accompanying blog for the book. I read a couple of posts; again, seemed worth the read. If you've already read it, let me know what you think.   Dave

The Three Laws of Performance2009-02-06T03:27:10-05:00

The next best thing to due diligence

OK, so obviously there was some due diligence missing with regards to a few of the Obama cabinet candidates. I wrote briefly, in a slightly different context, about due diligence earlier today. So here's the deal. If you blow it on your due diligence, President Obama just demonstrated today what you should do next. Read [...]

The next best thing to due diligence2009-02-03T23:28:33-05:00

If you only had five minutes

I recently heard a high level leader in an organization speak to a group of leaders. His "charge" was to share a broad overview of leadership as it related to the company (all the people in the room were leaders in the company). Simply put, the guy rambled for 70 minutes and said everything that [...]

If you only had five minutes2009-02-03T16:43:44-05:00