You just never know…

OK, so I usually find pictures or videos that become metaphors of sorts for life and leadership. Here's one, but I will just let you decide what it means to you.  

You just never know…2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00

Art and leading

I'm working with 25 leaders today who are thinking about arts and culture and how it relates to leadership. I shared with the group this idea:   The quality of my donating (action and leadership) is affected by the quality of my receiving (what I take in that nourishes me).   When art is merely [...]

Art and leading2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00

Do your diligence–little things matter

So I was sitting with an executive team not to long ago while an ad agency shared with them some of the plans for the organization's new website. Throughout the meeting, one of the representatives from the ad agency kept pronouncing the name of the organization wrong. Even as people on the executive team would [...]

Do your diligence–little things matter2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00

Sean Miller’s “smart” comment

So, I live in Tucson, AZ. We now have a new UoA basketball coach--Sean Miller. A local newspaper reported today that one of Miller's UoA assistant's said, "Sean doesn't want to be the smartest guy in the room, he just wants the smartest room." If that's true, Miller has the makings of a great leader. [...]

Sean Miller’s “smart” comment2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00

Keeping cool, yet staying focused (Interview with Jian Ghomeshi and Billy Bob)

OK, so here's a video (probably longer than you want to watch) where Canadian musician and radio host Jian Ghomeshi interviewed Billy Bob Thornton (formerly an actor who apparently doesn't want to be thought of that way any more). Thornton is a royal pain in the backside throughout the interview because Ghomeshi mentioned Thornton's acting [...]

Keeping cool, yet staying focused (Interview with Jian Ghomeshi and Billy Bob)2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00

Is success the result of focus or diveristy of attention?

As I was exercising this morning, a political analyst was waxing about President Obama's rather ambitious agenda--both domestically and internationally. The analyst was concerned about the fact that Obama might have too many irons in the fire, and what that might do to success in any one area.   As I was trying to fight [...]

Is success the result of focus or diveristy of attention?2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00

Leaders and emotional intelligence

I'm spending the better part of the next three days teaching a group of leader concepts related to emotional intelligence. People are filing in, getting set up and eating breakfast. One guy has stacked his plate full of eggs, sausage, has browns and salsa and looks like he hasn't gained any weight since high school [...]

Leaders and emotional intelligence2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00

Invisible, but oh so real

We all know from our days in science class that invisible fields exist all around us. One field—the electromagnetic field—occurs naturally, but is also generated by things like household appliances. An electromagnetic field grows stronger the closer you are to its source and it decreases in strength as you move away from that source. Can [...]

Invisible, but oh so real2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00