Energizing leaders and environemnts

So...here are five environmental factors that lead to increased energy in the midst of pursuing a vision or mission:   1) A compelling vision 2) Full Engagement (of team) 3) Meaningful contribution (of individuals and the team as a whole) 4) A sense of purpose (what we're doing matters and will change the world) 5) [...]

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Emotional Intelligence and Executives

I'm currently teaching a three day seminar on emotional intelligence. One piece of research that has become important to the seminar has to do with EQ and job function and age. TalentSmart has done research that shows EQ decreases with certain job functions and for people over 60. Interesting. This raised a question about executives. [...]

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How well can you see?

I'm teaching a three day seminar with a facilitator from Raytheon Missile Systems. We were just talking about perception and how well people see what's going on in and around them. She mentioned that she use to teach a drawing class (teaching people how to draw) and discovered that people who don't draw well often [...]

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Pt. 2 Adding value by noble-izing your job

Yesterday I wrote a bit on the need to add real-time value to your organization's mission and money making model. Many people just "get by" at work or can't see a connection between their daily "doings" and some meaningful progression of the organization. One way to add value to the organization, is to first add [...]

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The long way home video

This is cool. It's not just the video, but the concept of this guy's journey--which you can find at www.thelongestwayhome.com. Check out the video and think about what the journey home means to you. Here's a link to the video (I wasn't able to embed it for some reason): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ky6vgQfU24  

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Are you adding value?

What am I doing today that is adding value to what matters around here AND contributes in some meaningful way to the money making model of this place?


Are you adding value?2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00

Ground level leadership (part two)

Leaders can easily get addicted to the feeling of power. Watch out, because once they get a taste of power, it’s really hard to sit down. People, on the other hand, can easily get addicted to cowardice. Watch out, because once they learn the art of excusing themselves from the dance, they’ll never want to [...]

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Leading from the Ground

Every good seat was already taken, so there I was sitting on the floor in the airport waiting for my plane. It’s not that there were no seats in the waiting area. Rather, there were no seats with the necessary American distance of a chair in-between the next closest person and myself. So I chose [...]

Leading from the Ground2024-04-02T19:37:09-04:00