Women throws million dollars away (pay attention)

So, one of the essential practices I teach is to pay attention (in big and small ways). When we live with a mindful presence to the moment, more of life opens up to us. Of course, all sorts of problems occur when we don't pay attention. Here's a million dollar example. Unbelievable. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article6469706.ece

Women throws million dollars away (pay attention)2009-06-25T15:48:06-04:00

Make sure your message (marketing or otherwise) is consistent

OK, so I'm driving yesterday in Florida after a day of coaching. I notice a Hummer coming up on my right side. Hummer's attract attention just by showing up. But this Hummer belonged to a realtor. And of course that means this guy's car is a rolling advertisement. OK so great, I get why some [...]

Make sure your message (marketing or otherwise) is consistent2009-06-23T10:48:37-04:00

All I do is fix problems

I was talking with a manager recently who was lamenting the fact that all he did was fix problems. "It's like, take a number. They just stand outside my door in a line and bring me their problems."   Managers should help remove obstacles and provide the space for creative solutions, no doubt. But, if [...]

All I do is fix problems2009-06-17T14:38:15-04:00

I’ve been a bad blogger

Been busy, been writing (focused on my next book), but I'm back to blogging and more coming soon...

I’ve been a bad blogger2009-06-16T20:16:30-04:00

What in the world?

What in the world are some of our police officers thinking? Thank you, thank you for what you do. But, what the heck leads a police officer to tazer a 72 year old great grandmother? http://www.examiner.com/x-536-Civil-Liberties-Examiner~y2009m6d2-Texas-cop-Tasers-greatgrandmother You have got to be kidding me.

What in the world?2009-06-10T18:57:27-04:00

Good idea, but….

I recently heard a fairly senior level executive speak about leadership and the state of things in his (the) organization to a group of employees. More times than I can count, she said, "Well, 'this' or 'that' would be a really good thing for us to do, but we just can't agree on it." Or, [...]

Good idea, but….2009-06-04T22:05:06-04:00

Give customers, clients, and employees, context

So, I needed to change my address on my car insurance policy. I hopped online and clicked the "change address" link. The first thing that popped up was a question that had zero to do with changing my address. Or, at least that's what it appeared like to me. I wasn't even sure which option [...]

Give customers, clients, and employees, context2009-06-03T19:32:40-04:00

What’s your vibe today?

If you are a leader, and we asked your team what your "vibe" is like today, what might they say? Are you deflating, inspiring, energizing, lethargic? Your daily vibe matters. It's not that you should be always "happy." (gag)  But, your ability to harness your emotions in a positive direction, over the long haul, will [...]

What’s your vibe today?2009-06-02T18:42:54-04:00

The new “all in one” artist/biz person

I walked outside my apartment and saw a guy (an artist with a studio across the street) taking pictures of his art. Well, it was a little more entertaining than that. It appears to me, because I don't know him yet, that his primary artistic medium is, paper. He makes sculptures out of paper. They [...]

The new “all in one” artist/biz person2009-06-01T14:37:02-04:00