Metabolizing change (part four)

Digestion is critical to change metabolism. People need to time to digest change. This is tricky though. If you expect people to change without processing, you'll get bloated unhappy people. Here's a way I'm trying to view the digestion phase of change.   The faster the change needs to be digested, the more you should [...]

Metabolizing change (part four)2009-08-27T15:22:16-04:00

Metabolizing Change (Part Three)

Decision-making is often associated with power. Those who make organizational decisions, goes the line of thinking, have more power (over people, resources, schedules, and more). There is probably some truth to this idea. Although informal power and influence is also very powerful in an organization. But alas, it is important to think about it (decision-making) [...]

Metabolizing Change (Part Three)2009-08-12T18:14:25-04:00

Metabolizing change (part two)

The longer I work with organizations, teams, boards, individual leaders and whoever I've missed in the previous line, I'm more and more convinced that change is not what people fear. What they fear is change that is missing certain supportive elements that help to metabolize it. Everyone knows change is inevitable. And yes, there are [...]

Metabolizing change (part two)2009-08-10T17:15:38-04:00