I met this guy: Kenya Masala


Kenya S. Masala is a multi-talented, community and human development consultant, certified teacher and curriculum specialist. His unique blend of skills as an educator, facilitator, and percussionist inspire real learning and community building with clients ranging from the corporate world to youth. He facilitates corporate leadership training seminars, youth leadership and development training, educational percussion programs, and outdoor adventure experiences. He also designs, develops, and presents multimedia curricula and keynotes on a national level, and recently published his first book, Rhythm Play!™ (www.rhythm-play.com), a collection of games and challenge initiatives using rhythm.

Kenya enthusiastically creates highly effective learning and community building experiences, authentically motivating individuals and groups of all ages. Kenya is a REMO Drums endorsed drum circle facilitator.  Visit www.sourceconsultinggroup.com for more information.


He was freaking amazing. If you’re looking for fun but meaningful afternoon for your team to understand more about its mission while understanding more about rhythm, bring this guy in. You will not be disappointed.