So I’m teaching a three day seminar right now on leadership and emotional intelligence. On day one, I mentioned to the group that self-awareness is an essential part of E.I. And, that it can be painful when we see things about ourselves that were previously hidden. I mentioned that I had recently been in the wine aisle of a local store and when I looked up I saw a monitor that revealed a disturbing angle on the back of my head. The bald spot had grown. Since I don’t normally see the back of my head from that angle, it became a real schockaroo to me.

It also made sense why the monitor was in the wine aisle. After getting a look at yourself, you’re more likely to buy extra alchohol.

So…the class was making fun of my bald spot. I looked at them and said, “I do have hair back there right?”–pointing to my bald spot.

A bald-er man in the class yelled out, “Sure Dave, you have a lot of hair back there.”

From his perspective, I suppose it was true. But…..


So, be careful when you are seeking opinions about your life and/or your leadership. Don’t just listen to like minded or like-hair thinning people. You might hear what you want, but not what you need.