I do a lot of coaching with emotional intelligence as a primary frame. E.I. theorists have put concrete language to a very amorphous topic: emotions. E.I. theorists and practitioners use words like residence, intentionality, optimism, and others that are concrete and easy to understand. One of those words is “hardiness.” I like that one a lot. How hardy are you?


Here are a few thoughts on emotional hardiness from an article by, Harry Mills, Ph.D. & Mark Dombeck, Ph.D.

Stress-hardy people view stress as a challenge that they can potentially overcome if only they can understand it properly. Their habit of looking at stress as a challenge to be overcome motivates them to address the causes of their stress in positive ways.

As a group, emotionally hardy people tend to accept challenges and to work to overcome and master them. Even when true mastery of a challenge is not possible (e.g., when a situation is not possible to control), hardy people work to find what possibilities do exist for mastery and pursue them.

Part of the reason hardy people are able to stay in the game and persist in their coping efforts is because as a group they are committed to an active, engaged stance towards life.


The article goes on to give readers ways to develop hardiness.

What a great word. What a great concept. To live and lead well, develop hardiness and perhaps the distress of today will be the celebration of tomorrow.