I’m listening to a podcast on g-space. G-space stands for “generative space.” Generative space is the creative space (physical) where ideas can flourish for individuals and teams in your organization. The design of your workspace and your workplace matters. Where are your g-spaces at work or home, where you can feed off of the physical space–finding it to be a wellspring of innovation and ideas? 

You may not be able to change the architecture of your office, but you can change the “vibe.” You may not be able to create new common generative spaces for your team, but you can change the space you already have.

What might g-space do to change the quality of the work that occurs in your organization?

By the way, here’s the website where you can listent to leadership podcasts, like the g-space podcast, from the Banff Leadership Center. I’m impressed with what I hear.