Leaders love it when you anticipate issues and solve them before they become problems. It’s not that all problems can be avoided. In fact, problems move organizations along–if we are able to see them as opportunities rather than irritants. But, not every issue needs to become a problem. One way to avoid allowing an issue to become a problem is to anticipate a solution to the issue before it becomes a problem. No, this is not rocket science, but it’s easy to get stuck in ruts and not “see” the arc of the issue–and that the arc, left unchanged, could become a problem.


So, what should you do to solve issues before they become problems? 


1) Turn up your observation skills. Pay attention to conversations, dynamics and projects.

2) Imagine, based on what you know, what might be a potential problem lurking in an issue

3) Imagine the solution

4) Do it

5) Report

6) Watch leader smile