So, I’m sitting in the Airport on my way to Fort Myers Florida. Have some work to do there, and will be speaking to the current LEAD community leadership participants on Tuesday. The focus of the day is “making a difference.” I’m going to show a clip from Saving Private Ryan. Right toward the end of the movie, Ryan is looking down at the Captain (played by Tom Hanks) who is moments from death. The last words of the Captain are, “Earn this.”

The camera stays on Ryan for a few more seconds and then morphs his face into that of an old man staring at that same Captain’s grave at Arlington. I won’t go into the rest of the scene, but the entire clip is amazing. I would encourage you to watch it and think of your own life morphing “before your eyes.” Would you be happy with how it turns out?

Covey, many years ago, talked about beginning with the end in mind. The movie clip puts a unique twist on that idea and is a great visual for reflection.