Yesterday, I had to pick up something from a house I’d never been to. Though the house was only 5 minutes from mine, I’d never really made my way the direction this house required me to go. I’ve only lived in my house for a few months, and the world that has awaited me, day after day (over the past few months), has always required a right turn. Well, yesterday, I turned left. Some really good things happened…

I got momentarily lost (always good for finding new ways)

I found new stores I didn’t know existed on the very same road, I’ve always turned right on

I understood better the terrain of the area I live in

I made connections to roads I didn’t know connected

I could on…

We pretty easily fall into ruts. Routines are of course necessary and help us live and make sense of things. Most of my life commitments requires me to turn right out of my neighborhood. But, innovation and creativity usually come from frequently turning the other way. We have to break out of our “normal” routine long enough to see what lies “the other way.”


What do you do to put yourself in new spaces–spaces that just might lead you to better places down the road.