There was some more unfortunate financial news today. There is no doubt that times are hard. The temptation is great, and it would be easy to do, but don’t do it. Don’t participate in the recession. I’m more and more convinced that our very future depends on not participating in this recession. I’m not suggesting the recession won’t affect us. It’s affected me and I’m sure, to one degree or another, it’s affected you. However, there is a big difference between being affected by the recession and falling prey to the mindset of defeat and gloom.

Without denying the realities of the moment, we must stay on the opportunity side of this challenge. We could all tell stories about difficult times in our personal lives that lead to amazing change, transformation and opportunity. The same can be true for us as a nation and a global community. The key is our attitude and willingness to focus on vision on finding the treasure hidden in the rubble.

Life is good. Join me. Don’t participate.