I wrote a while back (here) on an idea I called possibility Friday. Last night about 30 or so of us gathered at my house for the first PF. We had a great time. No major agenda; just people getting to know each other, sharing good food and drink, and the possibilities for the future. My house was alive with laughter and conversation. It was the tangible manifestation of an idea.

What idea is rolling around in your mind?

One of the most powerful gifts we have is the ability to make that which is unseen (that exists only in our imagination), tangible. We can “concretize” our thoughts into action. There is great reward in stepping out (risking forward) and creating something that resembles the dream in your mind and heart.

Before, during and after Possibility Friday, I had waves of excitement and satisfaction because I saw a simple dream coming true. This is the stuff that makes life full and fun. After everyone left, I spent an hour cleaning up, listening to music and smiling at the space that had been created. This morning there are few signs, in my house, of last night’s gathering. But, it lives on in the people who came. That’s the best part of doing something for others. What it does for them.