We had a great tele seminar today. A number of us explored how to thrive in times of ambiguity and chaos–in times that are messy. I will post the seminar later this week. However, here’s one idea I brought out in the tele seminar.


Often, in times of difficulty, we move to quickly from recognizing the problem to finding a single solution. When we do this, we are prone to tunnel vision and “agenda based solutions” rather than solutions that come from creative opportunity making. After a problem has been described, don’t jump to the solution, but open your awareness to a wide array of opportunities that begin to emerge in the field of your vision (and in the field of possibility). The creative solution may come through a combination of opportunities AND/OR through a series of opportunities that lead you one step at a time–like rocks across the river.


Messiness creates the temptation to go into solve mode. If I jump their to fast, I miss solutions that are bigger than my own best ideas. Move from understanding the problem, to watching for possibilities. And watch the opportunities emerge.