I’ve written before about not participating in the recession. You can read my thoughts here. 

You can read two other blog postings on this by simply searching, on my blog, with the word “recession.”

So, a couple of days ago on NBC’s nightly news, Brian Williams (anchor) read a few emails on the air. A couple of them asked Brian to lay off the negativity in reporting current conditions in our country. As if this was some kind of wildly fresh mandate, Williams asked people to send in positive stories that could be shared on the air.


Here’s the follow up story. Seems like there were so many people with positive stories about their lives that the response overwhelmed Williams and the people at NBC. I have two thoughts here:

1) The media has a respnosibility to report the realities of situations, even when they are difficult to watch. But, they’ve turned negativity into an artform–with music and graphics to boot. Who’s doing this and why?

2) You can influence the media. Perhaps it’s time the viewers recognize WE are the customer.


OK, here’s a third thought for free: You and I can do more to transform our country right now than either the politicians or the media. Don’t lose sight of your power–especially when you are centered in positive and realistic opportunity centered thinking and living.