OK, so here’s a video (probably longer than you want to watch) where Canadian musician and radio host Jian Ghomeshi interviewed Billy Bob Thornton (formerly an actor who apparently doesn’t want to be thought of that way any more). Thornton is a royal pain in the backside throughout the interview because Ghomeshi mentioned Thornton’s acting career as a way to give context to listeners.


OK, so why put this on my blog? If you want to see an example of a person staying cool, unruffled and yet focused, in the face of a difficult person (something we all face now and then), Ghomeshi is your guy. The guy exudes emotional intelligence here. He doesn’t get pulled in to Thornton’s pre-adolescent behavior and yet doesn’t allow Thorton to get away with it either. He stays firm and pliable at the same time.

To be fair to Thornton, I’ve been pigeonholed by my past careers at times and it is frustrating. However, there is “frustrating” and there is “childish.” Thornton is a great example of the latter.

Ghomeshi, you’re my hero. Take a look.